The piano is a perfect instrument to have as a foundation to other instruments. I teach a comprehensive approach including: note reading, theory (which applies to every other instrument as well), composition, 

improvisation, ear training, sight reading, transposition, etc. 


You will learn the basics on the guitar - reading tab, playing chords (everyone wants to play their favorite song), rhythm, picking/plucking and strumming patterns, theory, etc. 



You will learn the basics on the ukulele; you'll be playing a song after the first lesson.  It's such a fun instrument. There's no way to be sad when playing the ukulele.



If you have a desire to sing, then I'm here to help you find your voice. I'll give you breathing exercises, warm-up exercises and tips. Let me know the songs you desire to have in your repitoire and I'll help you to develop your craft whether it's singing melody or harmony.



You will learn the basics on the flute; learn to play note, learn music theory, treble clef and proper technique. This is such a fun instrument to play. 


If you have songs that you've written or songs you'd like to cover, I have a mini-recording set up to easily make demo recordings.